This month’s FITG drops on my 3rd wedding anniversary 🙂 I’m holding space for the joy that this day brings me, while remembering that there is great danger looming on the horizon: Election Day.

I made a resource for folks to mentally and emotionally prepare for November 3rd because I believe in honoring our ever-changing feelings in the terrifying world we’re living in right now. The garden this month was challenging, devastating, activating, and revolutionary all at once. I hope this entry helps us to put reality and joy in conversation with one another.

The election is less than two weeks away. Are you having heart palpitations? I am sharing the Vote Save America website again if you need to figure out the early voting situation in your state.

There have also been many progressive voter guides floating around the web in the lead up to 11/3! Here’s one for California and another for Cook County, Illinois, but I bet activists in your state have also created one for your specific candidates! With so much at stake in this election, it is imperative that we’re all familiar with politicians at the local level, as they can enact the most immediate changes to our communities.

Social Action:
The #EndSARS movement is happening right now in Nigeria. As Black Americans are protesting policing and the carceral state, so are Nigerians in Africa. SARS is a unit of the police force in Nigeria that has enacted violence and unlawful seizure upon its citizens. Read here for a detailed explanation on the history of SARS, why Nigerians are protesting them, and what’s currently happening in the nation. Here’s where you can make a donation.

Here in the U.S., there’s still a pandemic happening. Contrary to what many Americans believe, COVID-19 is still a very real threat to our collective safety. Halloween is little more than a week away, and you can bet that people will be going out in droves to celebrate — when they absolutely shouldn’t be. NPR recently detailed exactly what the threat for Americans is come wintertime, so I recommend you read what they had to say if you’re thinking about going out for Halloween. It’ll sober you right up.

Pop Culture:
Speaking for myself, I am starting to feel the black hole that COVID created as far as television is concerned. I haven’t really been watching anything new, because shows I would normally be watching this time of year aren’t on the air. For spooky season, I did watch both Cam and Vampires vs. the Bronx on Netflix. While the former was an unsettling albeit not very scary watch, the latter was an endearing, family-friendly one. And it was funny! Give us more films featuring adolescent Black and Latinx kids please!

Lovecraft Country, the part-magic part-monster TV show featuring a uniquely Black cast, just ended its first season this past Sunday. While not my go-to genre, I am thrilled that Lovecraft filled a dearth in representation for Black people in horror, sci fi, and fantasy. My short review is that because of this fact, Lovecraft attempted to do too much at times. Each episode was teeming with references to Black history/art and genre tropes, so much so that it took away from the main plot. I got the sense that the writers wanted to cover so many bases in Black representation that the story got muddled along the way.

Here is one analysis of the show’s affinity for tropes, and how it affected the story.

Mostly though, I’ve been watching more dated things, for the first time ever or in many years. I’m nearly done with She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, which might be the best animated series I’ve ever seen (and it’s queer af). I just finished American Horror Story: Coven and remember why I loved it in college. (It also hits differently after reading this book.) I’m also enjoying my rewatch of The Parkers! Mo’Nique was hilarious on that show, and should’ve won Emmys for it. Black mom realness, henny! Lastly, I’m finally watching Euphoria. After every episode, I look at my husband and ask, “Are you sure you want to have kids?” It’s that devastating. But, it’s so real and raw. And apparently there will be two new episodes in December, per Miss Zendaya!

In the audio sphere, there is a new podcast called Being Seen, which is an exploration into the politics of Black manhood through a queer lens. Those of you into the fine arts will enjoy this one. Also, Mariah Carey just released a book/audiobook that I want to buy now because it’s gotten such good reviews. If you’re a fan of Mimi (a Lamb, if you’re really about that life) or enjoy hearing intimate details about artists’ creative processes, I have a feeling you’ll find this book pleasurable. And apparently the audiobook contains song breaks from Mariah herself as she reads!!!

Visual Art

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Sending healing energy this Mercury retrograde. Stay safe, and hopefully this time next month, we’ll have some hope on the horizon.

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