Welcome back to the garden, lovebuds. In the last month, encompassing the magic of my birth season — Virgo season — I have been consuming so much beauty. There has been a fair share of despair these last 4 weeks, and we’ll talk about ways to miitgate or commiserate with these difficult events. But all things considered, I have latched more intensely to the alluring, perhaps as an unconscious coping mechanism.

Here’s your whiff through the flowers this month: wilting, blooming, or otherwise.

I’ve been lighter on politics in the last month, perhaps for my own mental health. But, with the election less than two months away, I think it’s important for those of us who plan to vote to know how to do so backwards and forwards, especially during the pandemic.

Vote Save America is a website that has very comprehensive information about all voting processes. Check here to learn about how you can vote by mail by entering your address. You can also browse the site to read up the voting regulations of your state, or look into other political volunteering opportunities near you.

Social Action
The West Coast, specifically California, Washington, and Oregon, are seeing some of the worst wildfires in a generation. Read up here about how these disasters were caused by climate change.

Then, strategize ways that you can help. And remember, GoFundMes for individuals will always be the fastest way to help those in need.

Speaking of land, I discovered Black Land & Liberation this month, an organization dedicated to the agricultural education, reclamation, and preservation of land for Black people. Their work is similar to Soul Fire Farm, a BIPOC collective of farmers that hosts workshops and how-to resources on agricultural liberation for marginalized peoples. If you do enough research, you can discover for yourself the ways in which white colonialism and agriculture for mass production has led us to climate disaster, thus explaining why these collectives are important.

Pop Culture
We mourned the devastating loss of Chadwick Boseman in these last four weeks. In memoriam, many have shared some of the video and print interviews Chadwick has done over the years. Check out this one from one of my favorite pop culture writers/personalities, Ira Madison III.

Speaking of interviews, John Boyega went a little viral for an interview he did some weeks ago, addressing candidly his experience with Star Wars fans as a Black actor. Read his thoughts in searing honesty here.

Are you following Chani Nicholas? If not, you should. A queer Canadian astrologer, Chani compassionately provides analysis of the stars, signs, and planets as they relate to our lives. Though the lens of liberation and activism, Chani writes honest musings on how best to curate our lives in good times and bad. In short, she’s making astrology matter!

I listened to an episode of the Call Your Girlfriend podcast that featured an interview with an asexual person. You can head to their website to find thought-provoking interview. Also, the hosts of the podcast (Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow) have a new book out entitled Big Friendship: How We Keep Each Other Close that is on my to-read list! Tell your friends you love them this week.

Jesmyn Ward wrote a powerful essay on grief during the time of COVID that is, in my opinion, required reading. She recalls the emotions she felt at the beginning of this year when her husband died of the virus before the pandemic really began. She has such beautiful things to say about love and loss during this traumatizing time. Read it, or opt to listen to it (there’s an audio player not too far down the page). You’ll feel hollow and somehow full by the end of it.

Visual Art
So, so many beautiful art pieces.

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Lots of love until next time.

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