Welcome to Flowers in the Garden, your monthly stroll through the greenhouse of our culture. In this column, I will share some of the art, journalism, stories, and humor that have sown seeds in my brain over the last moon cycle, more or less. Consider it a digital altar of the important news and nuanced work of writers, artists, and activists I respect, and an offering to you as my reader.

Through this section, you’ll also learn a bit more about me; how I see the world through my eyes.

Let’s smell the flowers together.

The Democratic National Convention was this week. I personally have little interest in watching establishment Dems deliver speeches about the dire state of our nation while making a spectacle of themselves. I am maintaining my focus on how I can raise my voice to ensure the people in my life are staying informed — or even better, hopeful.

Take the following with a grain of salt, but a slightly larger pinch of optimism:

Here’s a basic breakdown of Kamala Harris’ political stances.

The postmaster general seems to finally be buckling under public pressure and is halting the changes at USPS.This is huge! We must continue holding him accountable and be proactive about voting. Here’s an organization committed to helping folks do that.

Social Action:
Three trans women were beaten and left for dead in Hollywood recently. Their assailants have yet to be charged. The awareness we can raise about this story will amplify the voices of these women who were lucky to survive. You can donate directly to their recovery + healing here.

Here are some organizations to donate to that specifically help trans folks of color.

#FreeTianna is the hashtag sweeping social media right now, for the 20-year-old activist that was arrested for organizing a Black Lives Matter protest. Here are ways to support the demand for her release from prison.

Pop Culture:
I enjoyed this review of Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking discussing the dire state of the Indian dating world.

Here’s a discussion of Black Is King that respects both the problems and upsides of the polarizing film.

I adore good food writing, which in my opinion is very hard to come by. Eric Kim has a column at Food52 that is a quaint, romantic look at the joys of cooking for yourself. Read his latest entry here.

WAP hit #1 on Billboard. Misogynists stay mad.

I’m vibing so far with a new podcast entitled Finding Our Way, hosted by Prentis Hemphill. It is a podcast about the marriage between wellness and liberation. Check out the two episodes out so far — the first features Sonya Renee Taylor, and the second guests adrienne maree brown.

If you have HBO Max, watch Legendary. I promise, you won’t regret it. When you’re done with that, watch We’re Here. Both shows are queer stories that feel passionate and genuine, and the TV landscape is better for their existence.

Visual Art:
Some of the beautiful digital art that’s caught my eye recently.

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Until next month, lovebuds. 💫

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