Welcome The Wordy Wench 2.0! I’m so happy you’re here.

I’ve redesigned this blog to hopefully be more user-friendly for my readers, but mostly to make it cute.

I don’t know yet where this blog will take me, but my hope is that it helps me make a sustainable living as a writer. To help me in that endeavor, I will be introducing premium subscription content some time in the (likely far) future, as well as a donation page.

But don’t you worry, my blog will remain free and accessible to all for the time being. Paywalls make me unreasonably upset, as it is my perspective that no one should have to pay to access information or interesting cultural critique. So my content will be what it is, living free on these interwebs for now.

So tap around and enjoy, and if you see something you like, show it some love in the universe. Oh, and if you want to read about how I came up with the name for this blog, head on over to my About page.

Posted by:allyssacapri

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